Breakout Box by Patchology


Take on skin imperfections with the Breakout Box from Patchology. Each box includes:

  • Pimple-Shrinking Salicylic Acid + Tea Tree Dots (24 pieces): Nearly invisible dots made with a blend of salicylic acid, tea tree oil and volcanic ash that target redness and inflammation.
  • Whitehead-Absorbing Hydrocolloid Dots (24 pieces): Patches made to absorb impurities while protecting from bacteria.
  • Blackhead-Eliminating Nose Strips (3 pieces): Nose strips designed to remove dirt, excess oil and dead skin cell buildup to decongest pores and minimize the appearance of enlarged pores.

Key Ingredients:

  • Salicylic Acid (Pimple-Shrinking Salicylic Acid + Tea Tree Dots): minimizes inflammation, clears pores and encourages faster cell regeneration
  • Charcoal and Moroccan Lava Clay (Blackhead-Eliminating Nose Strips): absorb dirt, excess oil and any other impurities


Patchology was formed around the idea that truly effective delivery of great skincare ingredients, on your terms, is a game changer. Over ten years ago, the founding team began developing innovative patch technologies for the medical field. Today, Patchology continues to expand that expertise in ingredient delivery to create products that do more, work faster, and deliver better results.

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