Vive Le Boudoir!

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Our vision from the very beginning was that Naked Princess would be a lifestyle brand. When we launched the company in 2011 our main focus was designing beautiful lingerie and beauty products, but over the years we’ve added so many different facets to our product offerings. The transition to Le Marché by NP is a natural progression to embrace everything that our company has become. It takes time for a company to truly come in to itself and that’s precisely what happened with ours. The name transition isn’t a move away from Naked Princess. Naked Princess will always be a part of who we are, but Le Marché by NP embraces everything that we’ve become and all that we envision for our future. 

Le Marché by NP is a place to find what adds beauty to your everyday experience. It is a moment you take to honor yourself and your loved ones. It is a lifestyle of confidence and presence. Originally Naked Princess, Le Marché by NP was born from founder Jordana Woodland’s lifelong passion for the art of dressing and the ritual of boudoir. Explore our Market of curated products to help you find moments of effortless beauty.  We’re so excited to share this next chapter with you!

Vive Le Boudoir!

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