10 Ways You Can Help the Bride-To-Be Have the Best Day Ever!

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A Bride’s Wedding Day is one that she will always remember. Although we wish that every step in the process of planning the big day could be smooth and simple, it does tend to get stressful! From the guest list to the playlist, venue to vendors, gift registry to bridal party gifts, the dress to the hair and so much more; the happy couple has a million decisions to make before they say “I do.” Whether you’re the Matron of Honor, Maid of Honor or Bridesmaid there are many things you can do to help your Bride-to-Be keep the stress away from her very special day.


1. Offer to take on something you know you will be good at, such as:

    • Work with the wedding planner and be their go-to on the day of the wedding
    • Bring over favors, table settings, etc. to the venue ahead of time

    • Be in charge of taking lots of candid photos throughout the day
    • Assist with the wedding dress (buttons, snaps, bustle, train) or help with an outfit change after the ceremony

    • Bring the bride and groom’s luggage to their wedding-night hotel
    • Help plan for cleanup after the event so the bride can make her escape 


2. Pack a full spare outfit for the bride just in case (plus a shall and umbrella!)




3. Save important contact information in your phone - all venues, vendors, planners, drivers, bridal party, groom etc.


4. Remind the bride to bring:

    • The marriage license
    • A set of the invitations or any other items she might want the photographer to capture
    • Cake knife

    • Toasting flutes


5. Bring extra phone chargers


6. Bring tissues


7. Make sure the bride is drinking water and eating healthy throughout the day! Help her avoid too much coffee, sugar, dairy, or booze; bring on the water with a bit of lemon, protein, or something gentle on the stomach like oatmeal.


8. Keep an eye on the bride’s makeup and help her with touch ups if need be - carry her favorite lip gloss on hand!

9. Bring an emergency kit with sewing materials, pins, tape, stain removers (baby wipes, stain remover pen, white chalk), shoe accessories (foot cushions, non-skid pads), hair pins, comb, hairspray, clear nail polish, superglue, floss, mints and some feminine hygiene goods, just in case!






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